My move from WordPress to Ghost officially kicks off tonight

It’s been a long process of doing research, getting advice from people who know a lot more than I do, and just sitting and thinking about it. In total, it’s been a one year process to get to where I am now which is actively moving my blog from WordPress to Ghost.

My journey to Ghost started on September 27th of last year so if I can make this all happen before the end of this month I can say I made the move in under a year 🕺

Fast forward to today and I’m getting ready to officially kick off the process. I know quite a few people have been interested in making the move to Ghost so I wanted to share more details on how I’m making the move.

First things first, I know what I know and I know what I don’t know. I know very little about the backend details of blogging platforms. Don’t know much about tinkering with WordPress, and the same goes for Ghost, so I know I need to bring in an expert.

After doing tons of research the same name kept coming up, Dan Rowden (@dr), so I did some research, chatted with him on Twitter and decided to move forward with him on all fronts, from making the move to theme to customizations to hosting.

Dan Rowden

So here’s a quick overview of how this is all coming together:

  • For hosting I’ll be Gloat, a hosting service Dan runs specifically for Ghost sites
  • Dan has sent me detailed instructions on making the move, and it’s pretty seamless, essentially, install a plugin that runs an export, then upload it onto my new Ghost site and send Dan the zip files and he takes care of the media
  • After this I’ll be moving over to a Ghost theme and Dan will be helping to customize it so I can bring my awesome sponsor banners over with me

One thing I’m really digging about the process so far is that I’m dealing directly with a person, and as I said above, someone who knows a lot more about Ghost than I do.

I’ll continue to update everyone as I move forward. Tonight I’m installing the plugin and running the export so the process is officially kicking off 🚀

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton