It’s official – Gutter Cat Gang is announcing a new species tomorrow

Last weekend Bored Ape Yacht Club made NFT history announcing Mutants, and along with adding an incredibly cool new mechanic to the project, they also opened the door for new members to join our little swamp club. It’s been awesome to see all the mutants on Twitter this week, people love them, the project is buzzing more than ever, and I think the whole concept is just so damn creative.

I haven’t mutated any of my apes yet, I probably will end up doing it but for now I’m just enjoying seeing other mutants and watching how things play out. A couple of days ago I wrote about article for discussing the impact mutating an ape has on its value, and I think the jury’s still out on this one.

But this weekend, the focus shifts from the swamp to the gutter as Gutter Cats announced a new species that will come out tomorrow, here’s the scoop from the GCG Discord:

Gutter Cat Gang New Species

If you don’t know much about Gutter Cats, I can explain this pretty quickly. Gutter Cats held their minting back in June – I liked the concept a lot and the art reminded me a lot of the apes, especially the background art they did. It was also pretty clear early on that the team was incredibly organized and the Discord had great energy.

What was a bit different about Gutter Cats is rather than following the 10,000 NFT train that everyone was one, they decided to go with 3,000 cats. People loved the cats, the team did a stellar job executing on their roadmap, did super interesting things like launching the Gutter Cat Gang Dao, and then, just like Bored Apes added dogs, Gutter Cats added rats.

Gutter Cat Gang Dao

Given how good the Gutter Cat Gang team has been at executing, there’s always been the thought of them giving some real utility to the cat/rat combos, and some hints along the way.

Tomorrow, that all comes to life as they said in the Discord announcement above – “Gutter Cat & Gutter Rat pairs (matching ID’s do not matter) will be freely rewarded. And for those who remember last Saturday, (which feels like months ago – doesn’t it?) Bored Apes allowed new people into the club by allowing people to mint mutants. Tomorrow it sounds like Gutter Cats will be doing something similar.

The reality is, the floor prices on a lot of these projects has gone above what most people want to spend on an NFT, and has made it harder to get into awesome projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club or Gutter Cat Gang. I think it’s awesome that these projects are finding ways to get new people involved and tomorrow will likely be the last chance to get into Gutter Cat Gang through a minting process, so if you want in, and you don’t want to spend 7ETH (the floor today) tomorrow’s your day.

I’m excited, last Saturday was a blast and this Saturday should be a lot of fun. NFTs are bringing people together from all over the world and creating a new asset class in front of our eyes. Let’s gooooooooo 🕺

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton