Help Me Pick A Logo For A New Brand And You Could Win A Free Logo!

On Saturday I did a post about picking logos for two of our brands and I got an incredible response with over 30 comments, so I thought I’d do it again! In February we are launching an innovative new Video Tutorial solution called I don’t want to give-away all the good stuff quite yet but suffice it to say that this brand is all about tutorials for web geeks or people that are already somewhat tech savvy.

For this brand I felt strongly about having a geeky character as the mascot and LogoNerds offers a great service to do this. Below is the first set of concepts they sent-over. Feel free to give as detailed feedback as you’d like since I can have a number of revisions made to this over time.

Along with ordering the logo itself I also ordered a custom header design and custom banners. When you’re building a brand it’s nice to get all of this together at once so that when you launch your brand you have everything you need to get started. Since we plan on promoting this brand on a handful of blogs and related sites having custom banners ready to rock will really help us make a splash. Of course I’ll share the header and banners with you as soon as they are completed, first step is the logo and character!

Also for all the Domainers like myself that do this part-time, remember, it’s all about running a business, not creating another job for yourself. It takes me a total of 5-10 minutes to put-together the logo request, if I were to do the logo myself it could take me hours, or days, and in the end it probably wouldn’t look half as good as what LogoNerds can whip-out in a day! We build 3-5 brands/month which means 30 – 50 minutes max putting in requests for logos.

To thank you for helping me pick a logo, one of my commentators below will win a FREE logo from LogoNerds ($27 value). This is just my way of saying thanks and returning the favor by helping you get a great logo for one of your own brands!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton