Popular Domain Marketplaces Are Still Pumping-Out .COM Sales

Yes, we’re moving into a world where new gTLDs are going to be in the news, all day, every day. While these might take center stage, on my blog and other blogs for some time to come, that doesn’t mean that the .COM isn’t kicking ass and taking names and selling very reliably on popular domain marketplaces.

As I’ve said many times before I do think that .COM prices will go up over time as a more scarce resource in an even larger pool. Looking at the weekly sales charts it is more clear than ever and when I look at what the core of the top sales are, it always seems to come down to two-word .COMs. Here’s a few from Afternic just last week:

NetLotto.com – $10,000

RescueData.com – $5,000

LevyLaw.com – $7,500

MachineryAppraisals.com – $3,495

MerchantGuard.com – $3,000

RevelMedia.com – $4,500

CheapBroadway.com – $8,900

PurpleDove.com – $3,200

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Of course there are plenty of one and two-word .COMs that sell in the six-figure range, but two-word .COMs really do make up the solid core of weekly sales and where I think the most opportunity exists. The list goes on and this trend can be seen across other marketplaces like Aftermarket, Sedo, Snapnames and more. I think the best move domain name investors can make now is to invest in one and two-word .COMs. Sure experiment with a few gTLDs here and there but if you’re an investor stick with what works and will be in higher demand than ever before.

As for new gTLDs, I think they’re awesome, just not for investors.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton