Flippa Friday: Investor.guru, KYM.com, Concerning.com and More

Flippa Friday

Hello, Happy Friday, and welcome to Flippa Friday here on MorganLinton.com. Today is a very special day since it also just so happens to be Valentines Day. I hope you are all either having a great time with your valentine, or if you’re single this year, enjoying time with other single people. Either way today is all about sharing the love, and I’ve got love for some interesting domain names in auction at Flippa right now…

Investor.guru – as I’ve said many times before, if you want to invest in something that you know has a reliable and predicable return, stick to .COM, if you’re willing to take a risk, .GURU is the current leader in the new gTLD race. I like Investing.guru a whole lot more but for under $200 if you want to take a risk this might be a more calculated one.

KYM.com – speaking of reliable investments with predicable returns, you can’t go wrong with a 3L.com. Currently just north of $10,000 with 17 days to go, I could easily see this selling for over $20k and selling for over $50k some day later down the road.

Concerning.com – I’m a sucker for one-word .COMs because I know how much value and liquidity they have. While I don’t see this as a six-figure domain I do think buying it in the sub-$5,000 range and selling in the low-to-mid five-figure range is a definite possibility.

Guide.me – I have been a fan of .ME domains for a long time now and made good money flipping these. I spent $2,500 on five .ME domains, sold two of them for $10,000 (total) and still have three left. This is one where the word really matches the extension as the term “Guide Me” would make sense, great potential buy for a map/routing app.

Architect.net – so I’m not too crazy about .NET but when I see a solid keyword like this it catches my attention. Currently at $3,000 with 4 bids I could see this going north of $5,000 which I think could make it hard to flip. That being said for someone who is good at cold calling you could make phone calls all day long for weeks and still have more potential buyers to call.

Developer.info – what Flippa Friday would be complete without a .INFO domain? As you know .INFO’s are hot on Flippa and while there are better .INFO’s out there the term “Developer” is not going anywhere. I could see this one selling for $1,500 – $2,500 but someone might get it for less if they’re lucky.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton