.OOO CEO Predicts over 2M registrations in first year

Today The Economic Times did a story about .OOO with some pretty interesting quotes from the CEO. I wrote about .OOO last week and I definitely don’t want to look like I’m picking on them. I’m all for anyone who wants to take a new gTLD and make it something big, at the same time, sometimes I’m left scratching my head trying to understand the logic…

Here’s the quote:

Infibeam’s chief executive Vishal Mehta told ET that the company, being the sole owner of the global top level domain (gTLD), has seen massive interest from top brands across sectors worldwide that have registered for the dotooo domain names for their companies.
“We expect a couple of million registrations within a year,” Mehta said
(Source – The Economic Times)

While it may sound crazy when I dug a bit deeper I discovered something very interesting. Infibeam, the company that owns .OOO, also happens to own the exclusive rights to sell iPhones online in India. Last I checked there were 1.2 billion people in India, and while many people won’t have an iPhone, just a small fraction that do is still a pretty big number.

I think this just might be how .OOO plans to get over the 2M mark in over a year. So I’m scratching my head a bit less but at the same time I’m wondering, can they really pull it off?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton