Is there really a rush for .LUXURY domains? The New York Post seems to think so.

I’m not sure if the New York Post just isn’t plugged-into the domain space or if they are just good buddies with someone over at .LUXURY but over the weekend they shared a story that I really just have to call BS on. Now I want to be clear, I’m not coming out against .LUXURY, I just think it is one heck of a stretch to say that there is any kind of “rush” for .LUXURY names.


According to the New York Post:

“The rush for domain names that end in the word “luxury” shows no signs of slowing, according to Monica Kirchner, CEO and co-founder of a new tech company that is helping brands create platforms to define themselves in the luxury category.” (Source – New York Post)

Later in the article they get down to the numbers which so far are at a whopping 1,250 domains sold, which puts .LUXURY far behind just about every other new gTLD out there.

There has been a rush on new TLDs like .CLUB, .XYZ, .GURU, .LONDON, .BERLIN, and many more TLDs but to spin what’s happening to .LUXURY as a rush for domains in this extension just seems ridiculous. Is it just me or did the New York Post forget to do their homework on this one?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton