From to - some of the best domain names I’ve ever seen are hitting the market

When it comes to great one-word .COMs, there’s a common feeling – all the good ones are taken, and have been taken for a long time. The reality is, the best one-word .COMs were scooped up decades ago and many are now the face of multi-million or billion-dollar businesses.

The branding power of one-word .COMs is incomparable to anything else out there, which is why they’re part and parcel with category leaders. From to, and now, it’s hard to imagine any of these companies trying to build the same brand with any other name.

So I was pretty surprised when a little alpha came my way about what might just be the best collection of domain names hit the market, honestly ever. Some of the domains that are going to go up for sale are names like,, and, but there are hundreds more, and when I saw the list, my jaw dropped.

Of course, I know what you’re thinking now - “stop teasing us, share more names!” And I will, but I’m still figuring out what I can share and when I can share it, so you’ll need to be patient. Right now I’m still trying to wrap my head around this and the opportunity that might quickly become available to companies around the world to cement themselves as the leader of a category. sticks in my mind and I’m glad this is one I can share out of the gate because it’s a monster and it’s safe to say, whoever owns it will get instant recognition as a leader in the advertising world…which is a pretty big space last time I checked!

That’s about all I can share for now - I will be posting more names on my blog as I find out just how much I can share and when I can share it. If you saw the list I just saw, all at once, your head might explode so in a way, I’m saving you from a potentially dangerous situation 

If you want to jump the gun and learn more now, I can tell you – this is the email address you might want to ping,

Stay-tuned, more to come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton