Is .NYC Giving Us A Preview Of What’s To Come?

.NYC has posted some pretty amazing landrush sales numbers out of the gate with reporting today a monster sale, selling for $60,000. There were a lot of other pretty impressive sales and while the auctions apparently were small, there are a few people out there who already see very real value in .NYC domains.


Of course it’s still very early in the game and with auctions of no more than 5 people it can be easy to drive prices far above market value. However, that’s the catch with new gTLDs, there is no market value, this is a blank slate and the prices of these initial sales are going to be based more on who is bidding than anything else.

So here’s the question…is .NYC giving us a preview of the real value these new gTLDs could have in the aftermarket or are these outliers that will go down and wildly over-priced sales?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton