One way I’m looking at Handshake domain investments differently

Buying Handshake Domains

Handshake domains are different from the typical .COM and .IO domains I invest in, well, in many ways, but there’s one way that is really changing how I think about the investments I make in this new space.

Before I go any further, please don’t confuse me for a Handshake domain expert, I am not one, I’m not even intermediate, I’m an absolute beginner. I currently own one Handshake domain morganlinton/ which was gifted to me by Handshake Jesus (thank you sir 🙏 ).

Now I’m getting ready to buy some Handshake domains which means I’m spending more time on than ever before. If you haven’t read my post about how I plan to spend my first $20,000 in Handshake Domains, feel free to give it a read.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about how I’m looking at my Handshake domain investments differently, or at least one way that I am.

What makes Handshake domains different is that unlike a normal domain I would buy that you would look at being used by one company, likely for their main website, Handshake domains are more like buying a new gTLD, a domain extension that tons of companies will use.

Which means I need to rewire my brain because I want to buy domains that make a good extension, not just a good domain name. This is why Handshake domains like c/ have really taken off…people are thinking it could be the next .COM, or like it in the Handshake world.

Like new gTLDs my thinking is, the vast majority of Handshake domains are going to be worth, well, nothing. I’ll give you some examples:

Bad Handshake domains

The top one is an example of something that would make plenty of sense in .COM. If you own a company called Mr Doodle, which I checked, and yes someone does – and yes, they’re on, and honestly, it sucked me in, you should probably just check it out because it’s wacky.

I personally don’t think there’s going to be a big demand for something.MrDoodle/, just like nobody wanted to register the new gTLD, .mrdoodle.

So with Handshake domains I have to think, is this a domain name extension that, if Handshake takes off, will be something people will want to buy domains in? And I’ll be honest, there’s a lot of junk to sift through to find something good. Yes, there are tons of Handshake names for sale but, like domains, you really do need to find the diamonds in the rough.

I still haven’t pulled the trigger and bought my first name, but I can tell you I’m probably going to have to revise my budget per name as I think it’s going to be closer to $5,000/name to find Handshake names that are truly investment grade…unless I’m thinking about it all wrong, you tell me!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton