How I plan to spend my first $20,000 in Handshake domains

Okay, it’s official – I’m sold, it took a while but I finally got there and I now can honestly say, I believe the future for Handshake domains is bright, very bright. What tipped me over the edge is really getting to see the community first-hand this week and HandyCon, and in all honesty – I was blown away.

The Handshake domains community is one of the most switched on, motivated, and welcoming group of people I’ve ever met, and their vision for what Handshake will become is so strong, it tipped me over the edge.

First, yes – you’re going to hear me talk about Handshake a lot more on my blog and I’ll probably do some intro posts on what the heck it is and how it works for those scratching their heads saying, “what is Morgan talking about?”

For now, I’ve decided to make my first moves and begin investing and like I have with domain names for all these years I’m going to share my journey every step of the way, starting today.

I decided to start with a $20,000 investment and here’s how I’m planning on splitting it up:

  • 5 x handshake domains at ~$2,000/each
  • $10,000 in HNS

For now I’m planning on splitting my investments between handshake domains themselves, and HNS, the coin/token itself. Is this a great idea? I’m not sure, there are definitely people who know a lot more about Handshake domains than me because, like Jon Snow, I know almost nothing.

That being said, I am convinced that this is the beginning of something new and I learn the best by diving in and doing. I’ll also note that I’m playing with profits here. This is coming from money I’ve made with domain names and it’s money that if I lose, will be a-okay.

I would like to give a special thanks to Mike Carson for his passion and excitement for Handshake, that definitely rubbed off on me. And of course, I have to give a huge thanks to Handshake Jesus who is a true community leader, and once we’re all vaccinated I can’t wait to sit down and have a beer with the guy! 🍻

So for those of you who have been in the Handshake space for a bit I’m curious to know what you think of my strategy? How would you invest $20,000 if you were just getting started?

I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton