One of my favorite people in the domain industry needs our help

When I first started buying and selling domain names one of the first people I met in-person was Ron Wells, a domain investor based in Los Angeles. Ron came to our very first Los Angeles Domain Investors MeetUp group and continued coming to every single one after that.

What really impressed me about Ron was that not only was he a successful domain investor himself, but he had offered to help his friend Oscar get started in the space. I watched Ron mentor Oscar over the course of a few years, it was awesome and I think Oscar will agree when I say that Ron changed his life.

Ron is an incredibly humble person and it took a few conversations with him for me to really get him to open up about his domain business…and once he did, I was blown away. It’s safe to say Ron quickly became one of my early mentors in the domain world and he’s without a doubt one of the people I feel so fortunate to have met when I lived in LA.

Yesterday I got a text message from a good friend who told me Ron is in the hospital – he ended up getting COVID-19 and was taken to the ICU on June 14th when he started having trouble breathing. Today Ron is fighting for his life in the hospital while his wife is at home with his two kids trying to keep life moving forward as best as possible.

Oscar setup a Go Fund Me page for Ron and I want to encourage everyone who can to please donate to Ron and his family. Ron is the kind of person who would help any of us, he’s the kind of person that made me proud to be a Domainer, and the kind of person we want in our industry as a leader.

It has been emotional for me to write this post, it’s so hard to think of Ron suffering, he deserves to have an incredible life. Please donate what you can, I can tell you it is definitely going to someone who truly deserves it.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton