I just noticed Park.io has .CO domains now

Usually I pride myself on being pretty observant but I think I missed something on one of my favorite site for buying expired domains, Park.io – as the title says, they added .CO.

I’m not exactly sure when the change took place or why I didn’t notice sooner, but I was bidding on some names last night when I noticed, hey – .CO names are in here too.

Historically I haven’t invested in .CO but after reading more about Nikul’s experience with .CO I decided to dip my toes in the water. Like all the other extensions on Park.io you can zero in on .CO names specifically by just going to Domains in the top menu and clicking on .CO tab, you’ll then see something like this:

.CO domains on Park.io

While I’m buying more .COM names than anything else, .IO is still my second fav and this year I’ve added .VC, .GG, and .CO to the mix so it’s safe to say Park.io is a part of my daily routine at this point.

Did you know that Park.io added .CO? If so, why didn’t you tell me!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton