One Black Friday deal domain investors should have on their radar

I used to do a post around Black Friday domain deals every year where I scoured the web for the best deals from different companies in the domain name world. This year, I decided that I’d rather just share what I think is the best type of deal for domain investors to leverage during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

First things first, gone are the days of a one-day deal. I personally spent $0 on Black Friday deals yesterday because I know those same deals will be available today, tomorrow, Monday for Cyber Monday, and often spanning into next week. So don’t worry if you think you missed the boat, you haven’t and yes, there’s still plenty of time.

So let’s talk about Black Friday. For most retailers, this is a time to take things that haven’t sold well this year and to blow them out at low prices. Consumers feel like they’re getting a good deal but 95% of the amazing discounts you see on Black Friday are just things that retailers thought would sell better, but didn’t.

I’ve never been a fan of Black Friday when it comes to locking in savings on random stuff but as a domain investor I have been a fan of Black Friday for one reason – it’s the best time to lock in discounted renewals and/or handreg some names.

Yes that’s right, for me registrar deals are my jam and I see this as a great way to reduce my yearly expenses by locking in lower renewal rates. This is true savings because if you’re planning on renewing domains anyways, why not do it when you can renew for less? Just about every registrar on the planet runs Black Friday deals and lately I’ve been moving some domains over to Dynadot so I’ll be using their .COM renewal deal along with some of the low prices they have on .CO and .GG regs.

Like I said, just about every registrar out there is running a deal so you can check wherever you like to keep your names and see what kind of deals you can lock in. As for hand regs, I don’t hand register many names but this is pretty much the one time I year I pick up some since I know I can lock in a very low price and usually one sale pays for all of them.

So yes, you can buy a fifth television, or get that foot spa you never wanted since it’s 75% off, or you can do something boring like save money on your domain renewals and squeeze out a bit more profit on your investments.

Sometimes the boring choice is the better one 🤷‍♂️ I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we did a Zoom Thanksgiving with family which meant it was just the two of us at home so we made a turkey for our first time…and somehow managed to cook it properly! For those who read down this far I thought, why not share a turkey photo with you, you deserve a reward right?

Morgan Linton Thanksgiving 2020

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is enjoying some R&R and hopefully watching a Christmas movie or two!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton