How an 18 character hand reg turned into a $10,000 sale

I love stories like this, people who bought domains they believed in, held on tight, and waited for the right buyer to come along. This is one of the biggest challenges to domain investing in general that makes it so different from traditional real estate or the stock market.

If I own a stock, I can sell it at any time for a value I know and understand, same is true for a home, for domain names, not so much. That being said, the holding cost of .COM domains is relatively low, and if you buy a domain in a market you know, sometimes a little time is all you need.

This is the case with PharmacistOnDemand(dot)com a domain name hand registered eight years ago that recently sold for $10,000 on Sedo.

Long domains like these are often considered hard to sell, which also means there are more of them sitting out there, still unregistered. In this case, the original owner used to be a Pharmacist so he knew about the market and what this domain could be used for.

So how did he get $10,000 for a domain he paid $10 for? Well it started with a $7,500 offer.

This is a great example of why it’s a good idea to assume that the initial offer someone makes on your domain isn’t their best and final. In this case, the owner countered at $10k and the domain sold right-away which means he might have been able to counter at $15k, maybe $20k and still had a deal. That being said, I think $10k is a great price for this name and one heck of a flip for a hand reg.

Congrats to Fleaking, great sale, nicely done! 🎉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton