Okay, show of hands, who is still using Excel to manage their domain portfolio?

For close to a decade I managed my domain portfolio in Excel. It actually wasn’t half bad but over time I found some serious drawbacks, the main one being I had to manually enter data in it every time something changed. Another offer on a name, go to the spreadsheet, renewed for another year, back to the spreadsheet.

A few years ago I discovered Efty and that very quickly replaced my spreadsheet and gave me back a lot of time. Now Efty keeps track of my inquiries and domain renewals. Oh, and they serve all the landing pages for my domains.

Yes, Efty is a sponsor of this blog and Doron (founder of Efty) is a good friend, he has no idea I’m writing this article but tonight I was thinking about how much time I’ve saved using Efty, feeling damn appreciative, and felt like it was worth reflecting on my spreadsheet days.

So if you’re still using a spreadsheet, raise you hand, it’s okay to do it, but know that there are solution out there that can save you a lot of time. Just saying…

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton