Okay, my DD is done, I’ll be using Gloat.dev to make the move from WordPress to Ghost

Well it’s the end of an era, this year I’m packing my bags and making the move from WordPress to Ghost. As many of you know I’ve spent quite some time thinking about, and researching this decision. I was looking back to figure out when I first started thinking about making the move and realized that I’m almost at the one year mark. The first post I wrote about moving from WordPress to Ghost was in September of last year.

Since first diving into the world of Ghost I’ve done quite a bit of research, played around with a few different blogs like NFTInvesting.io and ccTLDInvesting.com, and reviewed just about every service and consultant I could find.

At the end of the day, one company really stood out to me and that who I’ve decided to go with, and as you know from the title of this post – that company is Gloat.dev.


I’ll be honest, I almost didn’t pick Gloat.dev. I was close to going with Ghost Pro and using their migration service, but once I looked-into it more I realized that while there’s nothing wrong with Ghost’s own service, Gloat.dev just does more.

The reality is, I really don’t have time beyond the 20-30 minutes a day I spend writing my blog. Putting a lot of my own time into making this move, or into customizing a theme is something I’m just not going to develop an expertise in, so I’d rather work with people who already are.

There are a few things I really like about Gloat.dev, and the first is the people behind it – Dan Rowden (@dr) came highly recommended, and when I did more research I realized, he’s a really savvy guy with a solid reputation. Dan launched a service that does everything I’m looking for from getting Ghost moved over, setup, and then hosted with GhostGloat.

Since I don’t have time to do anything blog-related outside of writing posts like this during the week, I’ll be kicking things off officially this weekend. As usual, you’re coming along for the ride and I’ll share the experience from start to finish with all of you.

For those who have been reading my blog for 14+ years, I think you’re really going to like the direction I’m taking things. At the end of the day, I want to make my blog more reader-focused, super easy to read, pixel perfect on mobile, and fast, crazy fast, so if you’re sitting on the beach with a slow Internet connection it’s still a joy to read.

So long WordPress, hello Ghost 👋 👻

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton