3 quick tips for the Bored Ape Yacht Club x The Hundreds Merch Drop on Saturday

BAYC x The Hundreds Drop

So, I don’t normally wake up at 6:30am on a Saturday, but tomorrow I will be because there’s a pretty interesting Bored Ape Yacht Club merch drop that I don’t want to miss. This is the first merch collab and The Hundreds is the lucky partner to get a ride on the Bored Ape rocket ship.

I’ve had enough people ping me in my DMs on Twitter to ask about how these merch drops work that I figured – why not share with everyone, we’re all one big happy ape family right?

What’s really interesting about BAYC now is that there are so many new people, some that just joined this week, and the energy is more electric than it’s ever been. So if you just joined the club, you probably know your way around MetaMask but you might not know exactly how these drops works…so I’ll drop some tips to give you the best chance of snagging something cool tomorrow.

Tips for Bored Ape Yacht Club Merch drops:

  1. Get your code now – if you’re reading this and you don’t yet have your unique code to get into the store, go do that now. To get your code just go to this URL –> https://boredapeyachtclub.com/#/login-merch. Login with MetaMask and copy your code, put it somewhere safe so you’ll be ready to rock when the drop starts.
  2. Login early – in the last two drops hats sold out almost instantly, the people that got hats got in the second the dropped open and bought quickly. If you want something special (let’s say, a rug) – you’ll want to login the moment the drop starts, seriously, being a minute late can be the same as being 30 minutes late.
  3. Hold shift while hitting refresh – this is probably the biggest mistakes I’ve seen people make when joining a drop. You’re going to get to the merch site early, right? Good. Well once you get there, keep hitting refresh a few minute before the drop, but not just any refresh, a hard refresh, hold space while you do it.

I can’t emphasize tip #3 enough. In both drops I’ve had people message me a few minutes into the drop saying, “doh! looks like they’re launching late, it’s still not up!” and I tell them to hit shift refresh, and they’re in, and all the hats are gone.

Also, just to make sure everyone’s clear on the time, the drop is tomorrow at 10am EST, 7am PST, and yes – it’s pretty darn early on a Saturday for all of us on the West Coast so Bored Ape crew if you’re reading this, maybe a little later next time 🤷‍♂️ Here’s all the details for anyone who really wants to be overly prepared:

BAYC The Hundreds Drop Details

Good luck everyone, this drop is going to be a special one!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton