Offers I’ve Received on My Domains and What I’ve Done to Make it Easier for End-Users to Contact Me

As you know, I’ve been focusing my domain acquisitions over the last six-month on .COM domains. While my per-domain acquisition cost has gone up I have already seen better results when it comes to offers on my names. With my .US domains I can bring-in some nice passive income but offers from end-users have been few and far between.

Most of the .COM domains I am buying are expired names and my top sources are Snapnames and Go Daddy auctions. I have found that the best quality names I’ve found this year have been on Snapnames but Go Daddy auctions does have some gems on there if you take the time to sort through the list. Thanks to an automated tool I had one of my developers create I just get an email with the names that meet my criteria however I still do find myself looking directly on Snapnames and Go Daddy a bit each day just to see if there is anything that jumps-out at me.

I thought it would be a fun idea to share some of the names I’ve received offers on over the past few months. One of the changes I’ve recently instituted on some but not all of my domains is a dedicated landing page that makes it clear that the domain is for sale. You can see this landing page by visiting a number of my domains or just going to which is what I have ~300 names forwarding to right now. This is a very new addition for me, however already I’ve seen my offers jump-up a bit so it seems that making it easier for people to make offers does increase the number of offers you get.

I have only included names below that are getting serious offers, all the people trying to buy names for $100 aren’t included as these really are tire kickers so don’t tell much about how desirable a name really is to end-users or investors. Also as I’ve said before I don’t receive a ton of offers on my domains but I have seen an nice incease as my focus has shifted to .COM. Domains with a * next to them have received multiple offers:** (free solitaire in Spanish)*

Feel free to share some of the names you’ve received offers on below or just share your thoughts! Have you tried using a landing-page to easily allow people to place offers on your domains? I think this makes it easier for end-users who might not know about how to look-up WHOIS information. As usual I’d like to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton