NamesCon 2020 Day One, in One Video

NamesCon 2020

Well it’s official, NamesCon 2020 Day One is now in the books and I have to say, it was a great day. This year I’ve decided to stitch together videos of each of my days so what I’m sharing below is my very first attempt at something interesting.

A few high-level highlights of yesterday. I had a great time giving a talk with Braden about a Year in the Life of a Domainer. The ICA Dinner was a huge success, easily the most well-attended dinner they’ve had and so great to see so much support for the ICA. Ron Jackson won the Lonnie Borck Memorial Award, so well deserved and a very touching moment, I’ll be doing a separate post about this soon.

The night ended with a group of us heading over to a Spazmatics concert which was amazing, albeit very very cold 🥶 Yes, it’s freezing at night here in Austin and somehow I ended up venturing outside without a jacket…not making that mistake again tonight.

So if you couldn’t make it to NamesCon but want to get as close to living the experience as possible, I hope this video will do the trick!

Okay, now I’m off to go meet Josh Schoen for a beer, then dinner, and then, well you’ll have to watch today’s video, tomorrow, to find out. The adventure continues!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton