Go Daddy acquires Social Content startup Over (MadeWithOver.com)

Go Daddy just announced their acquisition of the social content startup Over. While your first instinct might have been to head to Over.com, you’d be in the wrong place and would end up here…

Over, the startup that Go Daddy just acquired built their brand on MadeWithOver.com and no, it doesn’t look like the three-word .COM seemed to slow them down.

As for what Over does, they essentially have a huge design template library that makes it easy to quickly drag and drop different elements to put together compelling visual content.

Over started in 2012 with the simple concept of overlaying text on top of photos and they’ve continued to layer on features and functionality to get to where they are today.

Based in South Africa the startup has bootstrapped its way to this acquisition which means the founders and employees are likely going to get a pretty nice payday.

Congrats to both Go Daddy and Over, as a Go Daddy customer I personally can’t wait to see how they integrate this into their offerings!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton