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Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello and welcome to my weekly feature – Morgan’s Flippa Five. Since I am finding that my blog is getting new readers every week I’d like to quickly explain what I do in this post each week.

Every week I go through the Flippa domain catalog and hand-pick five, not ten, not twenty or thirty, but five domains that I think would make good investments. I don’t use software to do this and I limit it to five as I really want to highlight names that I honestly think make good investments.

Here’s the only caveat. A domain is only a good investment at a certain price, if the price goes too high it might become hard to sell without losing money. I highly encourage anyone reading this post to use tools like to check comparable sales and make sure the price you pay is “wholesale” not “retail”. Luckily, most of the domains that sell on Flippa go at wholesale prices which is why I like the marketplace so much as a domain investor. With that, let’s get to this week’s list, enjoy! – three character .COMs are incredibly hot right now, in fact DNJournal wrote an article yesterday about how demand for three-letter .COMs is growing. Asking for something in the low six-figure range is completely within reason for names like these so anything under $50k really is a steal of a deal. – one thing you’ll learn about me pretty quickly is that I’m a big fan of one-word domains, especially one-word .COMs. This is a great one, easy to remember, easy to spell, and everyone has heard the word before. Also like “Amazon” this is a generic word that could be used for a brand in just about any niche. – originally registered back in 1996, this is a monster name. You don’t see names like this come up for sale in the five-figure range very often but Flippa has done a great job getting inventory like this on the platform. With domains like selling for $350,000 two months ago and for $300,000 it wouldn’t be surprising to see this name re-sold in the future in a similar range. – the affiliate marketing space is massive, I used to go to Affiliate Summit every year and the conference was significantly bigger every time I would go. This is a category-killer for that space and in the right hands could be turned-into a lucrative destination. – .ME domains have seen solid resale value over the years and this is one of the biggest one-word .ME domains out there. With names like selling in the mid six-figure range the sky really is the limit with a name like this.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton