5 Things To Do On A Rainy Weekend In Austin

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Having moved from Los Angeles to Austin almost a year ago I’ve learned that Austin isn’t all about scorching hot summers, but yes the summers are incredibly hot. For the last six-months (yes, half the year) it has been cold and rainy, and now we’ve graduated to a “warm and rainy” segment before the city becomes strikingly similar to the surface of the sun. We don’t have much rain in LA so I never really had a “rainy day” plan, but now that I’m in Austin I’ve learned to cope with the rain, and heck, make the best out of it.

According to the weather report there’s an 100% chance that it’s going to rain Saturday and Sunday and an 80% chance of rain on Monday. That means a rainy weekend is ahead. While you’ll have to pass on kayaking, biking, and kayaking, there are still some pretty fun things to do in Austin. Here are five suggestions that will make your forget all about that pesky “sun” thing everyone talks about:

1) Relax and do some Yoga – Austin has some great yoga studios, my two favorite are Core Power Yoga and Wanderlust Yoga, and as you’d expect they both take place indoors so a little rain won’t impact their schedule one bit.

2) Watch a live dance performance at the Ballet Austin – tonight we’re going to see a live dance performance at Ballet Austin and they have the same performance tomorrow night as well. Austin has some great live theater venues and Ballet Austin is one of our favorites, if you haven’t seen live dance in a while I can tell you that you are missing out and a rainy weekend is the perfect time to catch a show.

3) Check-out the Capitol – Austin is the capital of Texas and they happen to have a pretty awesome Capitol building in the heart of downtown. While you probably couldn’t occupy yourself for an entire day it’s an awesome way to burn a few hours and there’s a roof keeping you safe from the rain. Sure it was built in 1888 but last time I checked the roof is still doing a-okay.

4) Watch a movie at the Alamo Draft House – one of Austin’s major highlights is the Alamo Draft House and a rainy day is the perfect time to catch a show while eating something a little less-than-healthy while drinking a fine Texas craft beer…or a Lonestar.

5) Stay home and catch-up on Game of Thrones – don’t tell me you haven’t re-watched Game of Thrones in preparation for the Series Premier of Season 5!?!? Honestly, if you haven’t just relax and home and play catch-up, HBO Now is out so you can even watch it directly on your Apple TV without subscribing to some annoying Cable TV service.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton