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I still can’t believe that I’ve been writing since October of 2007. When I first started writing this blog I never thought I’d still be writing, every day, thirteen years later.

When I first started this was me:

Morgan Linton Kid

Just kidding! That is me but I’m just a bit younger than I was when I started this blog, here’s what I really looked like back then.

Morgan Linton Blogger

At the time I was working at Sonos which was still very much a struggling startup trying to find its way. Back in 2007 I’m not sure any of us knew if the company was going to be around for the long haul or fizzle out like so many startups do.

Fast forward to today and well, Sonos is now a public company with close to 2,000 employees, and I’m now running my own startup tech company, Bold Metrics, which has been rocking for over eight years now. It has been an incredible journey and through it all, this blog has been a core part of my daily life.

So I’m excited to say that the time has come to grow the team and add another writer or two to 🎉  There are so many wonderful people with interesting and unique points of view I want to expand the content you’ll find here, and through it, hopefully set a course for the decade ahead for

That being said, I’m not just looking for anyone, I’m looking for someone special. Here’s a few bullet points on what I’m looking for:

  1. You have experience in both the startup and domain world – I’m giving more preference to startup experience here. The ideal candidate would have worked for one or two venture-backed startups and/or started their own company. You don’t have to be a domain expert but you should have bought and sold some domains in the past and be genuinely interested in the domain name world.
  2. You aren’t a professional writer – I’m not looking for a professional writer or journalist with years of experience. For this position I’m looking for someone who is enthusiastic and excited about writing, but you don’t have to already be a blogger or someone with years of experience writing for the web.
  3. You don’t live in the United States – nothing against my fellow Americans but I’m looking for a different perspective here and a more global view on domain names and startups. If you live in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia – please apply, for now this position is closed to US candidates.
  4. You have the bandwidth to write 1-2 posts a week – I’m not looking for someone to write daily but I’d expect a cadence of once or twice a week starting out.

If you just finished reading through these and you think – hey this sounds perfect, feel free to shoot me an email, ml(at) Oh and yes, this is a paid position 💰

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton