Morgan Interviewed on Domain Masters on WebMasterRadio.FM Tonight at 7PM EST

Tonight at 7PM EST I will be featured on the Domain Masters radio show on WebMasterRadio.FM. If you don’t already listen to this show on a weekly basis – start now! I’ve been listening to WebMasterRadio.FM for a LONG time now and they always have excellent shows on some very interesting topics.

I had the chance to sit-down with Victor Pitts at the Affiliate Convention in Los Angeles last week. Victor is the host of the Domain Masters show which is absolutely a must-listen for anyone in the Domaining world!

One of the great things about WebMasterRadio.FM is that you can simply navigate to the site and it will start playing the current radio show. Oftentimes I will have this running in the background and it’s amazing how much I’ve learned from the shows.

Suppose you want to learn about SEO – well, they have a show for that – SEO 101. Now let’s say you want to learn about how to make great landing pages, they have a show for that – Landing Page Optimization. With Apple, the best part about the iPhone is that there literally is an app for everything. With WebMasterRadio.FM there literally is a show for every topic you could imagine!

Thanks Victor for making such a great show – I am honored to be the guest today. For all of you who haven’t yet checked-out WebMasterRadio.FM, get over there now – you can learn a lot from all the incredible content they have to offer!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton