Are You Addicted To Alexa?

I’ll be the first to admit it – I check my Alex rank several times a day. For me – my Alexa rank shows how much reach each of my developed domains is gaining every day. Yes – I agree it’s a bit obsessive to be checking every day…but there are worse addictions you could have right?

So what really is the meaning of Alexa? In reality Alexa only represents how much traffic you get from visitors that have the Alexa toolbar installed. That being said – sites with strong traffic have low Alexa rankings and for obvious reasons.

As Domainers this is one of the many metrics we use to gauge the success of a developed domain. While the most important metric to me is always unique visitors, I find Alexa is still an interesting metric to track.

Amongst Domaining blogs this is the key metric that Domain SuperStar uses to determine the top 100 domaining blogs. So it has become an addiction and I don’t think I’m alone. I’ll state for the record – I’m more concerned about unique visitors, bounce rate, pageviews, etc. but for some reason that darn Alexa ranking is just fun to follow!

So if you’re an Alexa addict – shout it out loud! Share your addiction and be proud. If not – don’t worry…we all know the ranking is somewhat meaningless..but still it is a great metric to chase and over time as your Alexa rank drops you have a strange feeling of satisfaction that I just can’t explain!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton