Southern California Domainer MeetUp – Bring A Non-Domainer If You Can!

Next Thursday, December 17th we will be having our first Southern California Domainer MeetUp! The MeetUp will take-place at Casey’s Irish Bar & Grille in Downtown Los Angeles.

This is a great place to do some networking with fellow Domainers…but wait -there’s more! It is also an incredible place to expose new people to our industry. So bring a friend or family member that you think might be interested in what we do.

Take that friend that used to be really interested interested in house flipping ! Bring your buddy who says he makes a fortune in the stock market (because he probably doesn’t!). Invite your cousin who is always looking for new business ideas – the concept is simple – bring someone who knows almost nothing about our industry and let’s help educate and inspire them!

Anyone is welcome to speak in front of the group and I will be giving a presentation to the group about how I started my company and what steps we have taken to make September – November our most profitable months ever! I’ll also be explaining the basics of Domaining and hopefully inspiring some of the new people to the industry to get more involved!

So come to the MeetUp – meet fellow Domainers and help inspire a new generation!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton