H1N1A(.)us Now Ranks #1 in Yahoo!!!

On October 23rd I launched H1N1a.us – an information site about the H1N1a influenza. To be clear this is not a site filled with junk – it is an information site with actual useful information that is factually correct. All of the text on the page has been thoroughly fact-checked and I have received numerous emails from visitors thanking me for making a clear and useful website!

I just checked today and H1N1a.us is now the #1 result when you search on Yahoo for “h1n1a virus” and “h1n1a”. I’m fairly certain this just happened today as I do check these search terms fairly regularly.

This clearly shows how you can register a domain and in under two months have the site ranked in the top slot in Yahoo. My company has been doing this for two years now and I think we’re getting better with each domain we develop. With over 120 domains developed – many of which rank of the first page of Google or Yahoo for our targeted search strings I think we’re on a great course!

Last year we sold a .info site that we hand-registered for $0.99 for a few thousand dollars after getting the site to rank on the first page of Google. Obviously with these kind of rankings, strong traffic and revenue quickly follows. Since this looks like the first day for H1N1A.us it is too early to see the traffic rolling-in so I’ll report back after we have a few weeks behind us.

The key for us has always come down to one thing – CONTENT! They said it at the Affiliate Convention over and over – Content is King. We learned this early-on and great content coupled with some solid SEO techniques can really pay-off. The key is picking 3-5 keywords to target and doing your best to rank well for those keywords.

It feels good to build sites that help people find the information they are looking for and finding the hot trends is a lot of fun! We’ve got a few strong Christmas-trend domains running right now that I’m not ready to reveal yet – hey you have to keep some of the good stuff to yourself…right?

If you want to see another domain we’re getting strong traffic and revenue from – do a search on Yahoo for “stimulus check” – StimulusCheck.us is the third from the top only being outranked by the IRS themselves.

As I’ve mentioned I’m writing a book due to be out in June of 2010. This will be a real book (not an eBook) and will detail every single technique we use to get our domains ranked the way that they do. So for everyone out there developing domains hoping to strike Gold, just stick with it – patience and perseverance does pay-off!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton