Its been one heck of a week for Shane with two six-figure deals in 24 hours

I think it’s safe to say that all of my readers in the domain industry know Shane Cultra aka Domain Shane. For all the startup founders and VCs who read my blog, you might not have any idea since you don’t read (but you should!). So here’s a quick primer.

Shane runs Country Arbor Nursery in Illinois, he’s the fifth generation of his family to run the business, and yes, if I need any gardening tips, he’s who I go to. Additionally Shane has been writing a blog, originally on, and as he expanded and added more writers moved onto

But wait, there’s more! Shane has been a regular part of the Domain Sherpa show since the very early days and he has a pretty awesome domain portfolio. While I don’t know all the details on Shane’s portfolio I think it’s safe to say he’s .COM-focused and he has a really good eye for domains, picking up some strong one and two-word .COMs over the years.

Oh, and I’d be missing a big piece of the puzzle if I didn’t mention that Shane is one heck of a runner, follow him on Strava and well, you’ll feel like a lazy bum. And, to top it off, Shane travels to Africa to help communities in need. In short, Shane’s a pretty amazing guy so when something good happens to him, I’m happy and so are a lot of other people. Which is why I wanted to highlight both Shane and some good news he shared on Twitter:

I knew Shane owned so as I started reading this tweet I thought, ah – he sold Runner! However he proved me wrong there, and he also didn’t sell which is another really solid name. Now we’re all in suspense but it’s safe to say that Shane is celebrating this weekend. Two six-figure sales in 24-hours is absolutely amazing and this is a case where it’s also so well deserved.

Of course I’ll be doing everything I can to get Shane to answer some questions so I can share an interview with him about the deals next week. Congrats Shane, super happy for you and can’t wait to hear more! 🎉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton