Interest in one-word .VC domains is spiking on

Back in February I wrote an article about how popular the .VC domain extension is becoming in the venture capital world. At that time .VC names were dropping and sold all the time through but the prices rarely went over a few hundred dollars.

Fast forward to today and the bidding activity on .VC is through the roof, today alone there are two .VC domains with bids over $1,000. One of those domains is which is at $1,007 with nine bids.

The second name currently over $1,000 is which is at $1,012 with sixteen bids. domain auction

What’s interesting is if you sort the top auctions by price on, those two .VC names have the highest bids, and the auction for doesn’t even end until July 14th.

Here’s a look at the top five domains in auction right now on

So the question is, what’s causing this spike in .VC prices? Are more domain investors started to get interested in this extension or have VC firms figured out they can buy .VC names on and is it legitimate end-users bidding on the names now? Either way, these prices are starting to eclipse .io names in auction which seem pretty strange given the strong sales history one-word .IOs have seen and the very limited sales history .VC has seen.

Any idea what’s causing .VC to get so hot so quickly? 🔥

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton