Is H1N1 A Domainers Dream? It is for me!

So as many of you know (or maybe don’t know) I’ve made a good amount of money monetizing trends. One of the biggest trends I cashed-in on is the “Stimulus Check” trend with a few simple MiniSites that made thousands of dollars. Since then I’ve been doing my best to spot trends and monetize them and if there is one trend I can see coming at me like a freight train it’s H1N1 – or the Swine Flu as we so gracefully call it.

H1N1 hysteria is now in full force to the tune of 673,000 Google searches/month and 74,000 searches for both “H1N1 a” and “H1N1 virus”. So I’ve been on the look-out for some good domains that could, with a little tweaking, make me some nice trend-domaining cash.

What I’ve learned most about trend Domaining over the past two years is that TLD doesn’t matter. In fact I found that my .us and .info’s made more than my .com’s! What mattered was the site that you built and the text you had on the site. Oh – and of course some good anchor text on sites like EZineArticles or Helium doesn’t hurt (am I giving-away too much strategy here…)

So tonight I bought and – like I said – TLD doesn’t matter to me when it comes to monetization! Will either of these domains be another money-maker for me? We’ll see – I’m going to whip-up some of my trend-domaining MiniSites tomorrow and we’re off to the races!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton