Giving-Away One Of My Secrets – But Just One!

Okay – so I’m working on a new book and thought it would be good to share at least one of the secrets I am revealing in the book. This book will NOT be an eBook but instead one of those old fashioned ones that you have to hold in your hands and has pages made of paper rather than 1’s and 0’s!

Also this isn’t a big secret to many of you – so if you already know this tip then don’t blast me with comments saying “hey I knew that!”. There are a lot of people who are brand-new to Domaining who read this blog and my new book and this tip are really geared towards them. Thus – if you have been buying, selling, and monetizing domains for more than one month you can skip the rest of this post because you probably already know what I’m going to say!

Okay – so my tip is something that I didn’t learn until about six-months into my Domaining career and I wish I knew it the day that I started. This tip is what I’ve used to turn some of my trend-domains into big money-makers. The secret is linking to your site from more established and well-ranked sites.

Many new Domainers think they need to pay for these links but you can actually get them for free! How? There are many websites out there that let you post articles on their site for free and you can even include links in your article. One that I’ve used a lot in the past is – this site has an Alexa rank of 149 and a Google PageRank of 6 and you can write an article with links to your site all for free!

So suppose you launch a new site about triathlons and you want to rank well for a few keyword phrases like “run triathlons”, “bike triathlons” and “triathlon training”. You could use a site like EZineArticles to write an article with a few links in the article with the keyword phrases you want linking back to your site. Write a few articles and before you know it you’ll have some great links coming to your site from a site with a strong Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank! This is one of the absolute best ways to rank well in Google and Yahoo and it really does work!

If you’d like to be added to the book pre-order list please send me an email – this will also entitle you to a 15% discount. The goal now is to have the book finished in mid-2010 so don’t expect it anytime soon.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton