H1N1A.us Is Now Live!

Last night I hand-registered H1N1A.us to build an informational site about the H1N1 influenza. I spent about two hours last night reading tons of information from the CDC, various medical institutions, and of course Wikipedia. I took detailed notes and then analyzed Google searches to try to better understand what people are looking for when they search for information about the swine flu.

Since I’ve always loved learning, building informational websites has been a natural fit for me. I also love teaching so sites like this are great because I can try to figure-out how best to explain a concept. The purpose of all of my sites are to first and foremost inform people. I never just throw-up random content or write articles with only keywords in mind. Instead I learn about my subjects and couple my knowledge with search data to unlock what people are searching for and determine how I can provide them with useful content.

So for my first site with H1N1 information on it I wanted to really make sure I provided the most useful and relevant information. The CDC was a great resource and I coupled this with YouTube videos from experts so that people could read the content on my site as well as learn from educational videos. The front page has a video from The Discovery Channel and the H1N1 Virus page has a video from the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. On my H1N1 Symptoms page I have the video released by the CDC themselves showing which symptoms you should look for.

That’s the great thing about this site – it has videos from the experts and the content comes from what I learned from the experts! I tried to write the content for the site in a very accessible way so that anyone coming to the site can easily get the information they are looking for.

So like I said – information and data comes first – monetization comes second. When most people build sites they usually only put one form of monetization on the site. Over the years I’ve learned that having multiple forms of monetization is the key to effectively monetizing a site. There are four forms of monetization on this site – all located in a non-obtrusive fashion so people can easily get the information they need without feeling pressured to click an ad or buy something.

The monetization options on this site are:

  • Kontera – these are great in-content text links providing information and monetization all at the same time!
  • Amazon Books – I found some great books on Amazon about H1N1 and the flu in general. If someone wants to read an entire book on the topic they can find it on my site!
  • ClickBank Products – I found some very interesting ClickBank products related to the flu – these have always been a big winner for me on my sites and I think is an essential part of any site monetization strategy.
  • Google Adsense – notice I put this last – I never like to rely on Adsense for revenue – that’s why I have no Adsense on this blog – I don’t need it! While Adsense will most likely make some money for this site I’m not reliant on it and that’s important.

That’s it – great information, useful videos from the experts, and four forms of monetization. This is the formula for success and no I can’t do this for $99 or $199 – it takes me 2-3 hours of research to build a site like this plus about 2-3 hours of development time after that! I don’t build these sites every day – my focus is my domain brokerage business – but every once and a while I find a trend-domain that I just have to buy and develop and H1N1A.us is my latest pick!

I have about 120 domains developed in my portfolio now and they all took time to build. The revenue these now produce made all the work worthwhile and it’s an amazing feeling to still get paid for something I made two years ago! That’s the beauty of domain investing – remember – an investment is something that pays you!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton