Announcing – A Blog Network Just For Domainers!

As a blogger I can say with confidence that blogging is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Bloggers are passionate people and like to share their opinions and advice with others. The problem is that growing your following and revenue can sometimes take time away from what you really should be focusing on – writing great content for your blog!


Well I’m happy to say that Linton Investments has just launched a new company focused on Domaining Bloggers – The goal here is simple – help Domaining bloggers connect with other blogs and companies to exchange links and get sponsors.

Whether you’ve been blogging for two months or two years you know that having blog sponsors is a great way to get a consistent income from your blog while helping to promote some related-products to your readers. The problem is that it can be hard to get sponsors, especially when your blog is just starting-out. For more seasoned bloggers managing your sponsors and continuing to attract new advertisers can be a job onto itself! assigns every single member an account manager who will negotiate on their behalf with domain name companies to get the level of sponsorship you are looking for. Rather than just throwing your name into a database, account managers will analyze your blog using data like your unique visitors, page views, PageRank, and Alexa Rank to determine how much your should charge and what companies are the best fit for your blog.

For domain name companies, will assist you in finding blogs that are a good fit for your target market. Compare useful statistics verified by DNBlogs so you can be assured you are getting what you pay for!

It’s time to focus on writing great content – not on finding sponsors – let take your blog to the next-level and join today!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton