If you can’t get the .COM, what’s your next favorite domain extension?

Over the last week I’ve made two things very clear:

1) I still think that .COMs are the best investment in the domain space and that’s where I’m putting the vast majority of my investment dollars

2) I think some new gTLDs will take-off over the next 5-10 years and will become very good investments, and in the meantime will see lots of development activity

Sure, most startups would love a one-word .COM, but let’s be honest, most one-word .COMs are six-figure names and I am in 100% agreement that they’re worth six-figures. Here’s the challenge, not everyone can afford a six-figure name, and not everyone wants to brand around a two or three word .COM.

Enter domain extensions beyond .COM.

Companies like Keen (Keen.io) AngelList (Angel.co), About.me, and many, many, many more have stuck with one-word domains but ventured beyond .COM. So here’s my question to you. Suppose you are starting a company, you’ve just raised $500,000 and you want a one-word domain name. You aren’t prepared to spend $150,000, $250,000 or your entire funding a domain name, but you want to brand around one single word.

What domain extension do you choose? It used to be a toss up between .NET and .ORG but now there are many more options what’s your top pick?

Comment an let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton