5 Ways That Frank Schilling and Konstantinos Zournas Are Similar


Konstantinos, domain investor and publisher of popular domain name blog OnlineDomain.com dropped a bomb back in May when he announced that he spent $50,000 investing in new gTLDs. While most of the Domain industry is still laser-focused on .COM, I think it takes some serious vision to make a move like Konstantinos, and I think it’s hard to ignore the parallels to Frank Schilling.

Frank is also a big believer in new gTLDs and he was a believer in .COM at a time when most people thought he was literally burning money. I think both Frank and Konstantinos have done something bigger than you might see right now, they have avoided doing what everyone else is doing and have forged their own paths.

Historically speaking, this big of a risk usually ends in failure, until you look at people like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Larry Ellison and many more than have taken huge risks. So I thought now was time to give Konstantinos some serious credit for standing up for what he believes in and taking a risk, and doing something that I think is very similar to what Frank did.

So I thought now would be as good a time as any to share five ways I think Frank and Konstantinos are similar:

  1. Both Konstantinos and Frank bought domains at a time when most people thought the opportunities were long gone
  2. Frank and Konstantinos both publicly share their opinions and the reason behind the decisions they’ve made
  3. In the early 2000’s Frank had to hear tons of people tell him he wasted his money, today Konstantinos has to hear the same. In both cases nobody knew at the time what would happen five or ten years later, in Frank’s case we just know with certainty that the naysayers were wrong.
  4. Both Frank and Konstantinos aren’t afraid to speak their mind, neither of them is known for telling the people what they want to hear – each speaks their mind and isn’t afraid to do it.
  5. Last but certainly not least, both Frank and Konstantinos have incredibly good taste when it comes on where to call home. Konstantinos lives in Greece, one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, and Frank Schilling lives in the Caymans on one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Do you agree? Disagree? I won’t know unless you comment so comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton