Self-Driving Cars Have Arrived In Austin

I can tell you that moving our startup to Austin was one of the best decisions we ever made. Not only is Austin’s startup scene growing like crazy, but Austin is quickly becoming a major global hub for innovation. Google picked Austin as one of the first cities to get Google Fiber, and now in another bold move has also decided that Austin will be its next test city for self-driving cars.

Self Driving Cars Austin

There are a number of reasons that Google picked Austin as the next city to test self-driving cars in:

  • Austin is very open to welcoming new technologies
  • Google Fiber is already here (i.e. Google infrastructure is already in place)
  • The Mayor actually welcomed Google’s self-driving cars to the city
How else could you keep Austin weird?
Austin is already an important city for Google; not only is it home to some Google offices, but it’s also one of three cities where Google’s Fiber high-speed Internet is up and running. The company says it expects Austin residents will provide “great” feedback on the self-driving cars. (Source – Mashable)

Of course you know what this means…I’ll be on the lookout and hopefully can post a photo or video of a self-driving car that I manage to spot in Austin. If you’ve been to Austin before you know there’s never a dull moment, and now Google is making sure that’s more true than ever!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton