I think Supply made the right choice moving from GetSupply.com to Supply.co

I’ll keep this short and sweet. There’s been a big debate happening on Twitter about a company that moved from GetSupply.com to Supply.co and whether people think that was a good idea or not.

I think the founder of the company said it best in his tweet announcing the change:

GetSupply.com changes to Supply.co

What Patrick says is spot on IMHO, if your domain name is Get<something>.com people often think your company is called Get<something>, they have no idea that you’re actually adding the “Get” at the front just to secure the .COM.

I’ve seen this cause so much confusion over the years for so many companies. At the end of the day, if you want to call your company <something> it’s better to own <something>.co/.io/.net, etc if you can’t get the exact-match .COM and still really want to call your company <something>.

When people hear about a company on the domain name Supply.co, they’ll assume the company is called Supply. When people hear about a company on the domain name GetSupply.com, they’ll assume the company is called GetSupply.

Patrick’s company is Supply, so moving to Supply.co makes a ton of sense to me. Just last week Doron, the founder of Efty announced that he sold Bold.co, the company already put up their site and guess what, it’s a company called Bold. I can tell you they’re probably happier with Bold.co than if they got GetBold.com or BoldOnline.com because their company is called Bold.

There are multiple paths you can take when it comes to naming a company and at the end of the day the reality is you don’t need to have the .COM to build a successful company, Zoom built a billion dollar business on a .US and only bought the .COM after they were swimming in cash and there are many more similar examples of companies that have done the same.

Does Supply want to get Supply.com someday, I’m sure they do, but did they make the right move for their business and their brand today, yes they did. Or at least that’s my two cents!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton