I just discovered BrandAftermarket, a new place for startups to buy domains for under $500


Brandable domain names have taken over as a very viably options for startups looking to built their brand online, but not looking to spend a fortune. For years BrandBucket.com has been a go-to resource for brandable domain names crossing the $1M profit mark in 2016.

BrandBucket has a unique model, domain owners can list their domains for sale and get connected with a logo designer that will create a custom logo for the domain. BrandBucket then generates a landing page for the domain, including the logo, and lists it on their marketplace, charging a $10 listing fee and 30% commission if the domain sells. When the domain sells you also pay the logo designer, usually somewhere in the $100 – $500 range.

Most of the domains on BrandBucket sell in the four figure range but this year they are growing the marketplace to support more high-value names. As BrandBucket moves more up-market, a new player has entered the space – BrandAftermarket.com offering a marketplace for brandable domain names but here’s the twist – they are all priced at $495.

I think it’s safe to say that while not all startups can afford a name like Resolution.com which is listed for $175,000 on BrandBucket, they can definitely afford a name like BlogDNA.com listed for $495 on BrandAftermarket. Of course there are still plenty of domains in the low four-figure range on BrandBucket like CareTaker.io for $2,995 and GuardParrot.com for $1,695 but $495 is hard to beat.

There are already thousands of .COM domains on BrandAftermarket and it looks like their inventory is only going to grow. As a big fan of BrandBucket myself (have been for years!) I’m still happy to see a new entrant into the space. Anything that can help connect startup founders with brandable domain names for reasonable prices deserves some love in my book.

Congrats to the BrandAftermarket.com on the launch, cheers to one more place for startup to find domain names without the hassle of haggling over price!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton