How Will The New gTLDs Change The Internet?

I am getting ready to do a new post for Medium about how new gTLDs will change the Internet. If you haven’t read my previous post on Medium definitely give it a read, it ended-up going viral and becoming one of the most-read articles on Medium that week, you can read it here or click below:


So now I am putting together the initial draft of a follow-up article about how I see the Internet changing as a result of the introduction of the new gTLDs. It’s important to remember that on Medium about 0.05% of the readers are Domainers so this post will not be written for domain investors but instead for startup founders and entrepreneurs who are the primary readers on the site.

I see three fundamental changes happening right now and wanted to bounce these off of all of you to get your feedback:

  1. Domain names are in the news more than ever – most people didn’t even realize that TLDs like .INFO or .AERO had ever launched. Now domain names are in major new publications every single day, this growing awareness will change how people see domain names and will probably create a new wave of domain investors.
  2. Apps aren’t going away and app-makers don’t need a .COM – I wrote a post about this on Monday. The point is simple, app-makers put their money into getting app downloads which tends to have very little to do with TLD. I think there is without a doubt a strong shirt towards apps and this changes how companies think about domains and how to spend their marketing budget.
  3. The world is still just getting online – it’s easy to think that everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and is online 24/7. Remember, most of the world isn’t online yet and hasn’t ever built a website. This is changing fast and the next wave of people coming online doesn’t have the same nostalgia for .COM/.NET/.ORG as the rest of us.

I think that these three changes are going to make a meaningful impact on the Internet as we know it. So now is where I would like to hear from you. How do you think new gTLDs will change the Internet and what are some points you think are critical that I cite in my article?

Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton