3 Ways To Increase The Number Of Inbound Offers You Receive Through DomainNameSales.com

Over the last seven years I have hopped around from parking service to parking service. First let me just say that I don’t make much money parking, most months it averages out to between $200 – $300 so at the end of the day it just helps cover renewal fees. Most of the revenue I generate from domain names comes from selling domains to end-users, not other investors, but real people who put the domains to good use. You can see a shortlist of some of the domains I’ve sold here and learn more about how I built my business here.

When I look at a parking service what I am the most interested in is how I can get the most inbound offers from end-users. Sure one service could make 10% more or 15% less but at the end of the day my parking revenue is so low that it honestly doesn’t matter. What does matter is a 10% increase in inbound offers, that makes a real impact.

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There are three parking services that I think are the best for generating inbound offers – DomainNameSales.com, SmartName, and TrafficZ. While I like all three of these I personally use DomainNameSales.com for most of my names as I’ve found some great ways to tweak the platform. Below are three things that I have done myself to increase the number of offers I receive through DomainNameSales.com. One that I’m not going to include on here because it should be obvious is that you of course need to have a for sale banner at the top of the page, but you knew that one already right?

  1. Put a phone number on your for sale banner – this change takes less than a minute and can instantly increase your inbound leads by 20%+. If you don’t want to use your own phone number try a service like Grasshopper and get an 800 or 888 number. The concept here is simple – make it as easy as possible for someone to contact you the moment they are interested in the domain, because ten minutes later they may have moved on.
  2. Don’t make your minimum offer absurdly high – want to only hear offers from people in the $5,000+ range, say goodbye to 99% of your offers. I’ve seen $500 offers turn into $500,000 deals, you never know what bid someone will start with. I recommend setting your minimum offer anywhere between $49 up to $199, if you find you’re getting too many low quality offers you can always increase the number. Still I think you’ll be surprised by the solid deals you can close with people that start with a relatively low bid.
  3. Enable and configure all the automated email follow-up – what I like the most about DNS is their automated email follow-up settings. You can have the system automatically follow-up with people who have inquired and set it up to work however you’d like. I personally set three follow-ups wherever possible starting 7 days later, then 14 days after that, and 21 after that. According to DNS as much as 50% of sales come from following-up with past buyers (see more below).

As always I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to share your own tips or comment on any of mine.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton