Mark Your Calendars – Makes History, Now Accepting BitCoin


It’s official, today is a historic day in the world of online escrow., the new Escrow service from Thought Convergence has announced today that it is now accepting payments via both Bitcoin and Litecoin.

“Payment flexibility, processing efficiency, and transactional security are key to a successful escrow transaction, all of which are core to the Bitcoin protocol. Agreed prides itself on finding new and innovative ways to handle online transactions, so we’re excited to empower the growing tide of early cryptocurrency adopters the flexibility to fund their transactions in whatever currency they see fit,” (Ammar Kubba, Co-Founder and CEO of Agreed)

While there has definitely been no shortage of controversy around BitCoin with the fall of Mt. Gox it’s clear that the crypto-currency is not declining, but instead evolving, and like most things, evolution can be a bit painful as you grow. GoCoin CEO Steve Beauregard is working hard to re-built trust in BitCoin and sees this as an important step in the process.

“With the recent public failings of the likes of Mt. Gox and others, Agreed’s escrow service offers a key element in rebuilding consumer trust in the burgeoning Bitcoin ecosystem. We are thrilled to partner with one of the powerhouses of the domain industry.”  (Steve Beauregard, Founder and CEO of GoCoin)

Now buying and selling domains with BitCoin might seem a bit risky now but it’s hard to imagine a world five years where BitCoin doesn’t exist. Also let’s face it, domain investors have made money speculating on domains that at one time people thought were going to be worth nothing. We’ve seen this evolution and yes, it takes time.

Even though is a relatively new Escrow service it’s run by a team that has been in the domain business since its very beginning. So it’s no surprise to see Agreed making a move like this and being the first to push the limits and introduce something new to the space.

Congrats to the Agreed and GoCoin team, blazing new territory is hard stuff but then isn’t it the hard stuff that we look back ten years later and say, “Phew, glad I did that!”

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton