Here’s one thing you might not know about the $60,000 sale of

Yesterday the news quickly spread through the domain name world of a major .CLUB sale, selling for $60,000. I first read about this on DNJournal and sent an email over to Jeff, one of the founders of .CLUB to congratulate him and the team.

As usual, I always love to get a little extra information about a sale like this when I can and Jeff shared something very interesting with me that you might not know.

It turns out that actually wasn’t sold in any standard currency like USD or EUR, instead it was sold for Bitcoin, 12 Bitcoin to be exact. Here’s how it all went down.

The buyer put in their shopping cart after finding it for sales at They then emailed the .CLUB team and asked if they could make the purchase in Bitcoin. The .CLUB team agreed and used Epik Escrow, which accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.

The Bitcoin was immediately converted to USD and cashed out, done deal. Very smooth process and likely a tale of things to come. While Bitcoin isn’t at $20,000 any more, it’s still sitting around $5,000 which is still a major win for many Bitcoin investors. I think buying domains with cryptocurrency will only continue to grow over time, but slowly since it’s all still so darn new.

I’m excited to Jeff, Colin, and the whole .CLUB team – this is a great sale, and it’s pretty neat to hear that it was done with Bitcoin. Who knows, if they said they didn’t accept Bitcoin, maybe the sale would have never happened…we’ll never know.

Do you, like me, think we’ll see more domains purchased using Bitcoin over time? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton