Hello from the Bahamas! My Video Voyage to Domain Roundtable 2011!

Well I have made the voyage across the United States to the Bahamas! My flight to Miami landed early and my flight from Miami to Nassau also landed early – when the heck does that happen…this must be a good sign! As I said in my post earlier today I’m going over the top with this trip and documenting the adventure in both text and video.

The Welcome Reception for Domain Rountable 2011 is starting in 30 minutes so I realized – hey that’s just enough time to get-out a blog post! As you can tell I am really excited about this conference – the schedule literally has me drooling (yes that’s how geeky I am) and I can’t wait to see everyone tonight.

So if you are one of my readers who is not attending the show I hope the videos below will bring you as close to the action as possible. Of course this is no replacement for being here so if you’re experiencing the conference through my blog this year I highly recommend you attend next year! Now come along for the adventure with me as we travel together to the Bahamas!

Thanks for reading and stay-tuned for more updates from Domain Roundtable 2011!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton