Bahamas Here I Come!

I am at the airport in LA now getting ready to fly to Miami and then to the Bahamas for Domain Roundtable! I have really been looking forward to this conference and can’t wait for the adventure to begin! I will be doing a workshop on Thursday that should be a blast and hopefully shatter some myths about development and monetization. Of course I will also be covering the event for on my blog so come back often to see the latest updates!

One new thing I’ll be doing at this conference is daily videos with my iPhone. I won’t have the full-scale crew like I did at DOMAINfest this year but I hope to bring you all as close to the action as possible!

Okay – time to hop on my flight! The adventure begins now!

(this whole post was written on an iPhone so please excuse any typos and grammatical errors)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton