Domain Roundtable 2011 – Day One Starts Now!

Good morning and hello from the Bahamas! Last night Domain Roundtable kicked-off with an incredible opening reception complete with great food, steel drums, and one of my favorites – hand-rolled cigars. It was a great opportunity to network with fellow Domainers and enjoy some great local food and drinks!


After the welcome party a big group headed over to the casinos to donate money to a good cause. It was a blast and it seemed like every table you walked by there was at least one Domainer in on the action! As you all know I don’t blog about nightlife so all the really wild and crazy stuff will have to be left to your imagination!

Okay – enough reading, watch my video below for my Day One opening remarks:

Stay tuned for more exciting coverage from Domain Roundtable 2011!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton