Flippa Friday: Sponsored.com, Group.io, Poki.com

Hello, happy Friday and welcome back to Flippa Friday. I decided to do away with the giant banner I’ve had at the top in the past. Less is often more and since so many of you are on mobile phones I want to save you the scrolling. There are some very solid one-word domains on Flippa this week so that’s where my focus is, here are my favorites:

Sponsored.com – currently at $10,000 with 15 bids, not yet at its reserve. I personally think if the reserve is set below $50k this could sell. Good domain for a company looking to rebrand or upgrade, not great for someone looking to buy and sell.

Group.io – so Groups.io recently sold for $10,000 and this is currently at $1,000. Still not at the reserve but this could be a great buy especially for startups targeting developers which is where .IO has really taken-off.

Poki.com – solid, brandable 4L .COM, my only concern is that it could get confused with Poky, so maybe buy Poky.com too.

Templates.info – from WordPress Templates to HTML5 Templates the template market is a good one and a talented affiliate marketer could do great things with this name.

CoffeeHouse.com – the only two-word domain on this week’s list and it’s a solid one. Easy to spell, easy to remember, meaningful brand, not surprisingly already at $9,800 with 28 days to go. Oh and did I mentioned in was registered in 1994?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton