CrowdTilt Rebrands To Tilt – Here’s Why

Tilt Rebranding

Today San Francisco-based Crowdtilt announced they were changing their name to Tilt and moving over to I’ve always found that the companies who share their rebrand with their customers win and Tilt made sure it was front-and-center. On their blog they explain a bit more behind why they decided to change their name:

Our new name reflects this broader vision. You can get a group, crowd, a community together to tilt anything. A “tilt” is that moment when you reach critical mass and unlock something amazing as a group. Our users have embraced this word to describe pooling resources and rallying their group. Now, we’re reflecting that in our brand and our story.”

For those who haven’t followed CrowdTilt’s meteoric rise (yes, this is a truly awesome group of people) they started with a $2.1M seed round out of Y Combinator and since them have raised an additional $35M.

I think Tilt’s CEO really did a good job of summing it up in one simple sentence “Everything is just becoming simpler,” (Source – TechCrunch

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton