Weekend Musings – Vancouver Edition

Coal Harbor - Vancouver

Hello, Happy Saturday and welcome to my weekend musings. We have been in Vancouver since Wednesday night for Fashion Metric meetings and now have our first day of downtime before we head back to Austin tomorrow. Never a dull moment but as someone that has done business in Vancouver for many years (I ran Sonos Canada for some time) it’s one of my favorite cities to do business in…and the photo above is one reason why.

I have probably been to Vancouver over 50 times now thanks to all of my Sonos trips up here so it’s always nice to re-visit some of my favorite places. The photo above is taken from Tap and Barrel, a new restaurant in Coal Harbor that just opened about a year ago.

Tap and Barrel Vancouver

While we have spent just about every waking minute in Vancouver working it has been nice to enjoy some walks on the water and one of my favorite restaurants on the planet – Carderos. When I was growing Sonos’ business in Vancouver Carderos what usually my first stop after I landed in the city.

We did this same on this trip and had the chance to enjoy a drink by the fire with some live music. If you come to Vancouver this is a must-visit stop even if you don’t stay for dinner (but their food is amazing!).

It’s interesting when you travel for business because while you’d like to catch up with people, sight see, etc. there really isn’t time for it. Luckily Vancouver is a city we’ve been to a lot so even just a quick getaway for dinner makes it special. For quite a while now Coal Harbor has been my favorite spot in the city, I love being close to the water and Stanley Park is one of my favorite places in the planet, period.

Coal Harbor Vancouver

Today we are going to visit with Daina’s family (both her Brothers live here) to meet our new niece for the first time. Yes, for those who have been keeping up both of our siblings ended-up having kids right around the same time so we are now duel Aunt and Uncles! On that note it’s time for Uncle Morgan and Aunt Daina to head out.

I hope you are all enjoying the start to your weekend!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton