Flippa Friday: My Weekly Flippa Domain Picks

Flippa Friday

Hello, Happy Friday, and welcome to Flippa Friday. I am still playing catch-up on both email and sleep after being at NamesCon this week. Look for a Reflections on NamesCon post on Monday. Below are my top three domain picks on Flippa right now plus one submitted by a MorganLinton.com reader. Enjoy!

Concerning.com ($3,000, 15 days to go) – first I will say this isn’t a premium one-word .COM in my opinion but it still is an okay one. I see premiums as things like Credit.com, Buy.com, Find.com, etc. I just don’t see Concerning.com as premium, that being said I do think if it stays in the sub $5k range it could be interesting. Also comes with the matching Twitter account which is a nice bonus.

YouAreHere.com ($3,050 – 7 days to go) – I included this domain last week and the price hasn’t moved since then. While I normally stick to one and two-word .COMs this is one of those three-words that I think really works. Lots of great uses and a pretty cool name for a map company or app.

StudentVisa.info ($150, 25 days to go) – student visas can be incredibly complicated, very solid fit for .INFO and with 25 days to go I see this probably ending in the low four-figures. Great for development, probably not a good choice to buy and flip.

Morgan’s weekly reader pick:

Florists.info ($260, 5 days to go) – another solid .INFO and it’s no secret that the online flower space is big. I think below $500 is a steal however the auction hasn’t reached its reserve price yet.

Want to submit your domains currently listed for sale on Flippa? There is no cost to have your domain listed in my Flippa Friday post. That being said, it has to be a domain name that I myself would recommend or buy myself. I apologize in advance if your domain is not accepted!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton